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Top 5 reasons to work with us
Our consultants are just that good.

All our consultants are thoroughly pre-screened and will be a valuable asset in your teams from day one. Smooth interview processes allow you to staff projects fast.

We are fast and flexible.

Your clients expect you to react fast – we are dedicated to supporting you with fast response times and short processes to make your job easier.

We provide great value for money.

Our simple and transparent fee structure makes calculating the benefits for your business case easy. You won’t pay anything before we have found someone who you want to take on board.

We help you to grow risk-free.

Using the brainpool is a great way of scaling your business without growing your payroll. Unless you want to offer them a permanent job because you hate to see them leave, that is.

Win Win Win.

You receive the skillset you need, when you need it. Our consultants can use their skills where they matter most. And we just love bringing it all together.

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