Instant Consultants

Just-in-time support

We provide management and strategy consulting firms with the manpower to staff challenging projects. Our consultants are experienced and accomplished professionals who create value from day one. That’s why we call them Instant Consultants.

Diverse Talent

Enter the brainpool

Projects and clients are different and demand different skillsets. A boutique firm might not always have the right qualifications in-house. We give you access to a pool of specialized and experienced consultants of all career stages who are just right for your project.

Flexible Staffing

No strings attached

Capacity planning for boutique consultancies is more art than science, and we understand that you do not always know if you will win a project or when your client wants your team to start. We give your capacity planning additional flexibility, helping you to meet customer demands.

Thorough Screening

Streamlined Staffing

All our consultants come pre-screened and with proven references. We match our consultants to the requirements of your project and your corporate culture. Interviewing our candidates is typically smooth sailing for you, and we take immense pride in our outstanding acceptance rate.

Great Value

Virtually No Risk

Instant Consultants have a great business case – you buy them only when you can sell them, so they allow you to grow virtually risk-free at attractive margins. Our fee structure is fair and transparent. Plus, we won’t charge you for anything until we have found a match for you.

Growth Support

White labeled

Our Instant Consultants work integrated in your teams, under your brand – your clients will not know the difference, and we strictly protect the confidentiality of the arrangement. You can scale your business and your brand without scaling your payroll.